Easy Steps to Maintain and Check Your Furnace

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Our Furnace is one of the most important components or machine of our home. We do know how harsh the weather can be during winter, where it becomes very cold for us to go anywhere outside. We instead stay home and be comfortable and warm, and what keeps us warm in our home is our furnace. 

When winter is approaching, it is important to clean our furnace and maintain. So when the time comes, it will run more smoothly and the chances of our furnace breaking down in the middle of the cold season decreases. We can hire excellent professionals like furnace repair and maintenance companies, and let them do the job for us. But we can also do it on our own, and here is how. 


1. Safety First

Maintaining your furnace means you are opening some of its parts and fiddle with it. And before doing this procedure, you first have to ensure your safety. Make sure on turning off your furnace and ejecting all electrical connections.  

Another way to ensure safety is to inspect the furnace for gas leaks. You can detect gas leaks by simply smelling the furnace if it reeks of gas. If you do smell gas, do not proceed on doing anything because gas leaks are very dangerous. Contact a professional and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

2. Cleaning

To maintain your furnace, the easiest and most basic thing you can do is to clean it. Cleaning the furnace mainly involves three parts, which are the motor, filter, and blower. Check the filter by taking it out and inspect it in a room with good lighting; replace the filter with the same kind of it looks cloggy. 

Do the cleaning once in a winter year and do it periodically the rest of the year. Cleaning your furnace can save you money because a clean furnace works efficiently and doesn’t require much strain and electricity. Cleaning the furnace also reduces the chance of it overheating. 

3. Cleaning the Blower

After inspecting the filter, you should proceed on cleaning the blower because it is placed next to it. The dust and small debris that get through the filter winds up in the blower and clogs it. Remove the panels of the filter first and prepare two clothes, one damp and one dry, to wipe off the dirt in the blower. 

4. Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat is the device we use to manipulate the temperature of our room, and thus it is important to maintain it. If you are setting the thermostat for a certain temperature and you feel that the room temperature is not up to par, then your thermostat may have a problem. If it is not working accurately for a stretch of time, then it is better to replace it. 

5. Clean the Vents

One of the most important parts of your furnace is the vent. A vent can be dangerous and can incur accidents if it is not cleaned regularly. In cleaning your furnace, clean the vents too, use a large brush or a vacuum cleaner.  

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